Abigail Adams


Abigail Adams was born November 11, 1744 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Rev. William Smith and Elizabeth Quincy. Abigail had three siblings. As a girl Abigail did not get a very formal education. She was very embarrassed about her lack of education and started to teach herself how to read and write. At 20 she married John Adams and her father wed the two. They got married on October 25, 1764. John and Abigail had five children together. Their names were Abigail “Nabby” Amelia Adams Smith, John Quincy Adams (6th President), Susanna Adams, Charles Adam, and Thomas Adams. Abigail worked mostly at home on the farm caring for the kids and keeping up the farm while John was busy working at a lawyer.

During the War

Abigail was mostly alone during the Revolutionary War. John was off with the Continental Congress a lot. John was also the lawyer of the British soldiers from the Boston Massacre. Abigail and John wrote letters back and forth very often. Abigail often wrote how she was feeling, doubts, fear, and about her opinions on certain things. She also wrote to John about women’s rights and how she felt that they were treated unfairly. Later John was sent to Europe to try and get loans and work on treaties for the colonies and he brought his sons with him. In 1783 Abigail and her daughters joined John and the rest of the family in Europe, five years later they returned to the U.S.

Life after the War

After the United States had separated from Great Britain they needed a president. The votes were counted and George Washington was the winner while the person with the next highest votes would be the vice president. John Adams won vice president. Washington retired in 1797 and they had to elect a new president. John Adams won the election. Abigail was very influential in some of the decisions that John had to make. He also went to her for advice in some situations. Abigail died on October 28, 1818. She lived to be 74 years old. Abigail was just a few years short of seeing her son John Quincy Adams become president.



Abigail Adams died on Octo ber 28,1818. She fell ill with typhus and died several weeks later. Abigail got married to John Adams on October 25, 1764. They had five children. Abi gail "Nabby" Adams, John Quincy Adams (6th President), Susanna Adams, Charles Adams, and Thomas Adams. Abigail enjoyed reading, writing, caring for others, and being with her family. Abigail Adams will forever be remembered as one of the most famous first ladies.