Battle%20Plans%20Saratoga%20a[1].jpgAmerican Strategy
The American’s only needed one thing to win the Revolutionary War. They needed a strategy. They used guerilla warfare and small wins to take on the British. They used these tactics because they thought it would be best if they started with chucks. With small wins the British would be kept busy and weak. Also, they would be unprepared.[1]
Role in The Revolution
The American’s used these tactics in different battles. In the battle of Saratoga, that was a use of ‘small wins’ strategy. These forms of tactic were very useful because during this the British were worried about getting a ‘knock-out’ hit. They were too busy to be bothered by small hits. In other even smaller wins, they would use guerilla warfare. Guerilla warfare is, in simplest words, sneak attacks. They would hide in bushes and spring traps and ambushes on unsuspecting British soldiers.[2]

Role after Revolution
Well, obviously, the American form of strategy worked. It worked because the British could never get that ‘knock-out’ win. The American eventually won by surrender at the Battle of Yorktown. General Lord Cornwallis surrendered and we were victorious. Strategy in America has defiantly changed through-out the years, but we will always remember this version of American strategy.[3]

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